Estate Agents Tips Selling Your Property

Selling Your Home: The Front Door is one of the first impressions.

Once you decide to sell your home, you want every advantage that you can get. Doing so will increase the chances of attracting buyers who will seriously consider the property. As part of your preparations for placing the home on the market, take the time to consider the little details about the appearance of the home. One of those little details happens to be the front door.

What’s So Important About the Front Door?

The front door is often overlooked when a home is prepared for sale. There is a tendency to consider the door for its practical purpose of serving as an entry and exit point for the home. While you certainly want the front door to be operational, there is also the matter of how the appearance of the door impacts the curb appeal of your home.

The color, texture and style of your front door will make an impact on the first impression that buyers form about the property. Just as you want the shrubs to be trimmed and attractive, there is also the need to make sure the door to the home sets the right tone. You never have the chance to make that first impression again, so it is important to get it right the first time.

Color and the Front Door

The color of the front door is often one of the first things that buyers will notice as they approach the home. Ideally, the color should be in line with the rest of the exterior color scheme. While it may be somewhat boring, you could simply have the door painted the same color as the trim. Alternatively, there is the option of going with a color that blends well with the rest of the exterior and the landscape. The general idea is to create a portal to the home that people can see themselves using on a day to day basis without wondering who came up with the color scheme.

Even if you are happy with the current door color, try to take a fresh look at the impression it makes. Don’t forget to consider the condition of the paint job as you evaluate the color. Adding a fresh coat of paint may be all that is needed to enhance the look of the area and make a good first impression.

Style Matters Too

Ideally, the door to your home should be in harmony with the style and design of the rest of the structure. Plain doors on stylish homes will only drag down the overall appearance and make the house seem less inviting. At the same time, an ornate door on a simply designed house will look out of place. While it is fine to have a door with a little style to it, you want to make sure that it doesn’t make the rest of the home look dowdy or unkempt. When the door works with the rest of the home, the chances of achieving the right impression are much higher.

Pay the same attention to the door as you do other elements of preparing the property for sale. Step back and try to see the home from the perspective of a potential owner. You may begin to see that the door needs some changes before you start holding open houses and inviting prospective buyers to look around.




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